Weight loss 8 healthy foods to always have in your kitchen

When taking care of your figure, having healthy foods on hand is essential. What are the essentials to always have in your refrigerator and cupboards? Vanessa Bedjaï-Haddad, dietician nutritionist, gives her advice. It’s decided: you want to eat in a more balanced way and why not lose a few pounds. Whether it’s taking care of your health or feeling better about yourself, one of the first steps in reaching your goal is to fill your cupboards and refrigerator with health foods. And for good reason: “So that the preparation of balanced meals is not a problem, it is important to have the right foods always at hand and therefore available in the kitchen”, explains Vanessa Bedjaï-Haddad, dietitian-nutritionist.

To achieve this, it all starts with the shopping list. Experts say, “Write down everything you need to buy in front of you to keep you on track.” He advises not to go to the supermarket on an empty stomach, so as not to fall into temptation!

Slimming foods: anticipate so as not to crack

Once your cupboard and refrigerator are full of healthy products, it’s time for good habits! You will notice that this reflex makes it possible in particular to fight against snacking, which can be due to “hunger, boredom, but also to the fact of being tempted”, notes the specialist. Having healthy foods available limits temptation. But that’s not all: “These foods allow the preparation of balanced meals, complete and satiating” adds Vanessa Bedjaï-Haddad. So no more cravings!

The best way to eat healthy is to establish a menu plan for the week. This is called batch cooking and this method has several advantages: it makes it possible not to eat the same thing every day and thus to vary the pleasures, but also “to avoid the endless question ‘that’ are we eating tonight? Which often ends with’ we thaw a pizza ‘”, explains the dietician nutritionist.

Weight loss: bet on raw foods

To experience all these good habits, you still need to know which foods to bet on. Vanessa Bedjaï-Haddad mentions putting as many raw foods as possible on her list. Among the essential foods to always have in your refrigerator and cupboards when you want to lose weight, we obviously find vegetables. “They provide water, fibers, vitamins and minerals. They therefore allow you to have energy, but also to be satiated”, explains the specialist.

weight loss raw foods

The spices are also a good option because the seasoning is often synonymous with calories. “Play with flavors to enhance your preparations, give them subtlety and add color to your plates”, advises the dietitian-nutritionist. Dishes – Spices, herbs and aromatics enhance as well as help create harmonious and tantalizing dishes. A description that is important to avoid frustration!

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