How Breathing Better During BJJ Improves The Lung Capacity?

It is pretty common to evaluate the health of a person based on energy and lung capacity. We have seen that when people are younger, they tend to workout more without getting tired. They can run for longer hours without shortness of breath; however, as they age, shortness of breath becomes very common. This is also very common in people who do not work out. If we compare an athlete with a normal person, we will see that a normal person might feel shortness of breath right away but an athlete might take a few hours. Although most people think that shortness of breath has nothing to do with the actual health of an individual, physicians disagree with this notion.

According to pulmonologists, the capacity of your lungs means that you will be able to take in more oxygen which will help you breathe better and oxygen will spread easily. Another important thing is that oxygen helps with breaking down the fats and carbs for supplying instant energy to the body. In case the oxygen supply is not enough, the body needs to transfer to the anaerobic form of respiration. With better oxygen, your body will not have to work too much and it will give you more time to work out without feeling tired.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about the concept of lung capacity. We will also mention how BJJ is an important factor for improving the capacity of your lungs and why you should practice BJJ. We will also talk about the importance of breathing techniques that can help you improve the lung capacity for BJJ and other exercises.

What Is The Lung Capacity?

The idea of lung capacity comes from the amount of oxygen that you can contain in your lungs when you exert full energy. According to a common estimate, the average lung capacity of an adult is around 6 liters. In most cases, a person never achieves the full capacity of his lungs which means that without pushing the limit you will only be able to use around 3-4 liters.

However, when you work out almost every day, this will help you work on the capacity of your lungs, and eventually, you will be able to perform better. One of the common signs of improvement is the fact that you will not face shortness of breath even if you run for a long time. Athletes who run every day, especially marathon runners, have a better lung capacity than most people. Even if we look at animals, we see that animals who are mainly known for their running capacity like horses have a better lung capacity than other animals.

Why does lung capacity become better with BJJ?

In most cases when you get involved in physical activity almost every day, your body learns the art of hard work. This is because you are training your lungs to perform better. However, there is proper breathing-based training that helps with improving lung capacity. With BJJ you will be able to teach the right distribution of oxygen to your body and this also helps with preventing over-breathing. All you need to do is focus on your breathing when you work out for BJJ. This will help you fill your lungs fully with full force. Eventually, this will become a habit and you will be able to breathe better. The basic goal is to seek a breathing economy so that your lungs don’t have to suck multiple times to fill the lungs.

How to train for better lung capacity?

To improve lung capacity, you need to focus on the way you are breathing. One of the best breathing exercises that will help you breathe better has a few steps that you need to follow. With these steps, you will be able to train your body to use the full capacity of your lungs.

  • When breathing, try to feel the lower belly.
  • Start with tucking in the chin and keep your back straight
  • Now use your nose to breathe in the air and as you inhale push the belly outward.
  • Now exhale through the nose but make sure your focus is on the lower belly.
  • Between each inhale and exhale, take a pause and hold your breath for at least a few seconds.

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