Body weight Workouts That Reward You with a Slim Waist

Slim waistline means you will have a flatter stomach. Equipment-free exercises are highly effective and convenient for getting you at the top of your shape. Equipment-free workouts as the name suggests do not incorporate any machines, weights, or any equipment at all. It tones your body using your own body weight. Best thing about these workouts is they can be done anywhere at any time.

No matter what your fitness goals are whether it’s a flat tummy, fat loss or building lean muscle in your body. However, one thing you must keep in mind is you can’t have a flat tummy just with dieting or working out. Both are prime components of forming your body shape. Must keep both of them side by side for getting higher benefits. In this article we will describe some amazing body weight exercises that will help you in developing a slimmer waist. Buy boxing gears from here.


Plank is one of the most effective core stabilization exercise that targets your core muscles. It’s an isometric strength-building workout. One thing about this exercise is, it might appear simple and easy to within seconds into this pose, and this thought will change.

For getting started with this exercise, get yourself on your fours like you do for performing a stationary push-up position, hold it for maximum possible time. If you are a beginner and just started, try holding this position for 30 seconds. Once you start feeling easy, aim for one minute & then increase it.

An efficient way of practicing a plank is holding the position upto a minute then resting for 10 seconds before you repeat the movement do it at least 2 times more. This exercise is great for strengthening your upper body as well.

Dead Bug

Dead bug is a fun and unique core stabilization workout that not only strengthens & stabilizes your core but targets your back muscles. For performing this equipment-free exercise, start by laying down & bending both of your knees so that the feet are planted firmly flat on the ground. Then, tighten the abs & start raising the bent legs till the knees get over the hips. After that start raising both of your arms-up so they get halfway over your head. Then slowly lower the right arm & left leg till they come just above the ground then bring them back to the position form where you started. Then repeat on the other side, perform 3 sets comprising 15 reps.

Reverse Push Up

It’s a dynamic movement which engages your belly by working on your core & strengthening on your lower back. After that start lifting the hips & torso up closer to the ceiling. Then lay on the back & lift the shoulders & hips up closer to the ceiling, assuming you are in a tabletop position for starting this workout. Then drop the shoulders to provide support to your body with your palms & heels while keeping the whole body aligned in a straight line. Workout not only makes your core & abs stronger, but it helps with arms toning.

Heel touchers

This workout is great for working on your abdominals & oblique’s out. It’s one of the common boxing warm-up exercises. In order to get started with this exercise, lay down on your yoga mat, then bend both of your knees & place the legs apart wider than your shoulder distance. Then extend both of your arms with your palms facing in.

After that exhale & crunch the torso to your left for touching the left heel by using your fingers. Try holding this position for a few seconds. Then slowly return to your initial position & Inhale deeply. Perform the same with the other side. Perform 15 reps on each side.

Oblique “V” crunch

The exercise “oblique v crunch” burns fat on your oblique side. Grab your yoga mat & lie on your side. Then pile both of your legs at the top of each other & put the left hand at the back of your head. Start by raising both of your legs off the ground. Then raise your torso toward your legs, forming the “V” shape. Make sure you support yourself with the right hand. Then slowly lower yourself back on the yoga mat. Repeat this exercise for eight times at each side.

Side jackknives

This exercise works directly on your abs, glutes, obliques & hip flexors. Start this exercise by laying on your right side on your exercise mat. Then stack both of your feet. Start doing this exercise by placing the left hand on your side & put the left arm at the back of your head. Make sure you focus the tension on the obliques while bringing the feet up. Simultaneously raise the upper body leading your left elbow. Try holding this position for a second then slowly return to the position from where you started. Don’t let the feet & shoulders touch your yoga mat. Repeat this exercise for 15 times on both of your sides.

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