Sustaining Motivation to Lose Weight to restore mind and body

One of the biggest reasons people fail to lose weight, and keep it off, is they rely entirely on themselves to maintain the motivation to lose the weight. Weight loses as much an emotional issue as a physical one. It’s an area where the relationship between mind and body is especially evident.

Sugar, Emotions and the Motivation to Lose Weight

When we’re trapped in a battle with unwanted weight, we are typically using food for more than its nutritional value. We are overusing it for its emotional value, its ability to deliver pleasure and comfort. This is especially true when it comes to sugar addiction. The sugar addiction roller-coaster has a purely physical component, wherein blood sugar crashes make your body reach for more, as a means of rebalancing itself. But sugar addiction also has an emotional/mood component. The more you use sugar to feed the reward centers in the brain, the more attached your body becomes to the substance to feel wellbeing. Because of this emotional factor, focusing only on food choice is insufficient to sustain motivation to lose weight.

Sugar addiction robs people of the power to choose their foods, be attracted to good foods and feel satisfied by the good foods . When we attempt to break that cycle, and end sugar’s power over us, group support is imperative. The team support very often puts people over the top and plays a critical role in helping them keep their motivation to lose weight.

How a Team locks-in the Motivation to Lose Weight

So often when we attempt to lose weight we do it “in the closet,” removed from others. The problem is as soon as we hit a bump in the road, it’s all too easy to give up hope, generalize the momentary weakness, and sabotage our motivation to lose weight. When you have a group surrounding you, dedicated to the same lifestyle changes, and invested in your success, they ensure your motivation to lose weight never wanes.

A supportive, open, informative group is the magic bullet when it comes to weight loss. It creates accountability to self and others and makes the process a lot more fun. In addition, it helps members know they are never alone and brings out hidden resources and strengths newcomers didn’t know they had. As newcomers become vets, they organically step into the coaching role, offering the same support that was held out to them. Participating in a group dynamic vastly enhances any weight loss plan, ensuring members maintain their motivation to lose weight and ultimately achieve their goals.

If you desire to lose weight and keep it off for life, surrounding yourself with like-minded, enthusiastic supporters is the secret ingredient for successfully maintaining your motivation to lose weight, reaching your goal, and never looking back. Weight loss is a great fact where various people always found alternative process that how to lose weight without using the side effect of life and more work for everyday life.