How to Lose Weight up to nine pounds in Eleven Days

There are plenty of weight loss programs available in the market which will guarantee a slimmer figure by keeping you off food. Ever heard of a program which tells you to eat in order to lose weight ? If not, read on. It is a well-known fact overweight people have to face the social prejudices. Apart from the unfriendly behavior, they are also at the risk of acquiring several diseases like Diabetes , heart trouble and so on. If you are overweight and your old clothes are no longer fitting you, its time you had a good look at the Accelerated Weight Loss Program – FatLoss4Idiots! This is a fabulous dieting program that will help you shed lots of weight in a short span of time.

You are overweight not because of the quantity of food you eat but because you are eating wrong type of food at wrong time. It is a fact that food can make you slim or fat. It is a complete myth that you gain weight by not exercising enough. You gain weight because you are eating wrong foods at wrong intervals during the day. If you don’t set this right, no diet pills or supplements will ever help you lose weight. What you eat and at what intervals during the day determine how much weight you will lose in a given period of time. Studies have shown that in order to lose weight, you need to eat up to three to four times in a day! weight loss has nothing to do with starving yourself or exercising needlessly.

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In addition, low fat and low carbohydrates diets do not work. These days every type of food you pick up in the supermarket has a low fat label on it. But that doesn’t help you lose your weight. Low carbohydrate diets will make you miserable as you will not have enough energy left to finish your daily chores. Positive thinking and keeping the faith that you will attain that magical figure one day will also not prove beneficial for you.

However, there is hope! There is a system of eating with which you can be noticeably thinner in just eleven days. Someone brain controls the release of fat burning hormone after each meal. There are two such hormones which are released into the bloodstream after you have your meal which help in fat burning and fat storage. The surprising thing is that you can control the release of these hormones by monitoring the foods you eat.
The Accelerated Weight Loss Program FatLoss4Idiots manipulates the fat burning hormones so that your body will produce more such hormones. This will cause less and less fat storage as is humanly possible. In addition, it will lead to more and more burning of fat giving you a slim figure you have been dreaming of all along.

You have to realize that food is not your enemy. But you have to just keep a tab of what you eat and when you eat it. Accelerated Weight Loss.

Program FatLoss4Idiots makes use of a technique known as calorie shifting to help your achieve your weight loss goals. The human body is such that it tries to burn the exact number of calories you eat each day. However, if you can somehow shift your calories each day, you can trick your body into burning fat that will cause the superfast weight loss. Just try it once and you will never be fat again!