20 Most progressive Yoga poses to build up total body for beginners

Yoga poses are one of the most burning questions at the present era. You can easily maintain all types of problem for being Yoga poses . At the current situations are based on yoga pose. You also can solve all kinds of problem for using yoga poses. There are various types of yoga poses that are helpful to remove all sorts of problem like physically, mentally, depression, weight loss , belly fat, meditation and any others problem.

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That is called all in one (yoga poses). For this reason, yoga poses are essential theme for human being. Here about the more conception on benefit and how to run this poses, to make details below.

Lotus pose (PADMASANA)

lotus pose yoga

The position of the PADMASANA or Lotus pose is a cross-legged seat that is produced in the meditative practice of ancient India, where each leg is placed in the opposite thigh. Many of benefits are included here. After taking this yoga, to enable to maintain various types of trouble that will be solve automatically. Some of problems must be developed:

  • To refresh and get relax the mind that is more effective poses.
  • You also can restore more energy to do many others work.
  • To solve the problem of indigestion that is improved.
  • You also help to develop various postures.
  • Cool down your thinking or brain that do better position.


cat pose yoga

Cat pose is a gentle flow between two poses that warms the body and brings flexibility to the spine. It extends the back torso and neck and gently stimulates and strengthens the organs of the abdomen. It also opens the chest, encouraging the breathing to be slow and deep. Some others benefit of the pose:

  • To enrich the circulation of both blood and oxygen in your body.
  • This pose is more important to add flexibility to the spine.
  • To get rid of unexpected fat from belly, slowly but sure grantee.
  • But it is especially work in core development.


tree pose yoga

VRISKSHASNA or tree pose are an unbalanced seat. This is one of the few permanent positions in medieval Hatha yoga, and is popular in modern yoga as a practice. The posture helps heal the flat leg and is therapeutic for sciatica. Some others scope of the pose:

  • To make more improve your body balanced and spine.
  • To assist Neuro muscular coordination.
  • It free from those suffering from sciatica and loss flat feet.

Camel pose (USTRASANA)

camel pose yoga

Camel pose is a kneeling back seat as practiced in modern yoga . It is a backbend that extends the entire front of the body. It is performed on the knee and is often used as a preparation for deep backbends. There are some benefits of Camel pose that given below.

  • It opens on the chest and frontal portions of the Torse.
  • It also aids to conquer menstrual discomfit on body.
  • To build extra power on the back and the shoulders.
  • Lessen the extra fat from thigh.

Seated forward bend pose (PASCHIMOTTANASANA)

seated forward bend pose yoga

Release the breath from the joints of the buttocks, not from the waist. As you get down, take the front part out of the gray and open the space between the pub and the top sternum. Like all front bends, the emphasis is on lengthening the front torso as you move more fully into position. See more permanent posture. Here also some important tips about this pose:

  • To refresh your body organs like the kidney, liver, uterus and ovaries are always activated.
  • It has also cure diseases and to increase more appetite for food.
  • To lose obesity from internal part of body.
  • It also calms down your mind and refines your depression and extra stress.

Downward dog pose (ARDHA MATSYEBDRASANA)

downword dog pose yoga

Downward dog pose or is a reverse seat in modern yoga as a practice that is often practiced as part of a sequence of poses, especially the sun salutation, the salute of the sun. It uses the power of your arms and legs to stretch your spine perfectly and evenly. It strengthens your quad and ankles by expanding your hips, hamstrings and calves. It tones your chest and shoulders and your arms and abdomen. Some most important tips about this pose:

  • It helps to relieve stress and frustration that trapped in the back.
  • It also aids to expose the chest and increase the supply of oxygen to the lungs.
  • It another assists to cure urinary tract infections and useful to menstrual disorders.


cobra pose yoga

Cobra Pose is a reclining back-turning seat in modern yoga such as Hatha Yoga and Exercise. It is usually performed in the ash chakra of Surya Namaskar as an alternative to upper face self-reliance. Some tips about this pose:

  • It works more to relieve sciatica and asthma.
  • It aids to lose extra fatigue and mental stress.
  • And to maintain the balance of weight.


bow pose yoga

Bow pose empowers the entire body by strengthening the muscles in the back, abdomen, arms, and legs and extending the neck, chest, arms, abdomen, buttocks, knees, thighs, and ankles. The flexibility of the spine activates the spinal nerve, enhances circulation, and strengthens the entire length of the spine. Lying on the ground (stomach) facing downwards. Breathe slowly and start bending your legs backwards and hold the ankle with your hand as it looks in the image above. In this position, your entire weight will come to your stomach.

  • It reliefs people with renal disorders.
  • It is a great stress buster.
  • To benefit motivating the reproductive organs.

Boat pose (NAVASANA)

Boat pose deeply challenges the abdomen, spine and hip flexor, increasing strength and stability in the core of the body. It stimulates the organs of the stomach, including the kidneys and intestines, which improve digestion. This posture promotes healthy regulation of the thyroid and prostate glands, helps maintain metabolism and relieve stress. Often hard at first, this posture requires concentration and stamina (and helps further development). Practicing the routine regularly will increase your ability to stay focused, internally aware and emotionally calm. Some other benefit of this pose:

boat pose yoga
  • To get strong your tones the leg and arm muscles.
  • It helps you focus well and stabilization.
  • It also aids to activate the prostate glands, kidney, intestines and thyroid.

Shoulder Bridge stand pose (SARVANGASANA)

shoulder bridge stand pose yoga

The shoulder stand pose is a powerhouse of a posture. Besides motivating the thyroid gland, this posture discharges stress and frustration, recovers digestion, releases your shoulders and neck and toughens your legs, butt, arms and abs. Helps relieve stress and light depression. Some common important hints of this pose:

  • This pose helps to calm the brain, cures mild depression and relieves stress.
  • Digestion must be developed and metabolism is regulated.
  • It also assists cure sinusitis, asthma and sterility.

Plow pose (HALASANA)

plow pose yoga

Plow pose is an inverse yoga posture that stretches the spine and shoulders while strengthening the nervous system. As the posture calms and relaxes the nerves, brain, and heart, tradition is practically practiced at the end of the yoga class to assist the practitioner in body pose and meditation. Some qualified rules of this yoga pose:

  • Good exercise for diabetic patients to normalize the blood sugar level.
  • It aids get rid of the symptoms of menopause and inspires the reproductive system.
  • To regulate metabolism with weight loss

Fish pose (MATSYASANA)

fish pose yoga

Fish Pose is a reclining back-turning seat in modern yoga as a Hatha Yoga and exercise. It is generally regarded as a counterargument of the ovarian or shoulder stand, especially within the context of the primary series of octagonal venous yoga. Fish pose extends the front of the body, especially the neck, chest, abdomen, buttocks flexor and intercostal (the muscles of your ribs). It strengthens the upper back muscles and the back of the neck, which improves spinal flexibility and posture. Some others rules of this pose:

  • To instigate nutrient absorption.
  • To relief respiratory problems as it reassures the right process of breathing.
  • To release tension free from the shoulders and neck.

Wild Releasing pose (PAWANMUKTASANA)

wild releasing pose yoga

Bring your weight in your right hand without breathing, roll your outer leg to the outer edge, and stretch your left arm straight towards the ceiling to come to the side slunk. Keep your feet stacked on top of each other and your hips raised. Some important tips of this pose:

  • To get power for abdominal muscles and messages the intestines and internal organs.
  • To improve your digestion.
  • To comforts the tension in the lower back.
  • To aid burn fat in the thighs, buttocks, and abdominal area.

Corpse pose (SAVASANA)

corpse pose yoga

A seat in modern yoga, such as Corpse pose, dead body pose, or mortal stubborn yoga and exercise, is often used for relaxation at the end of a session. This is a normal pose for yoga meditation practice. The final posture of any yoga class is one of deep recovery: a dead pose, sometimes also called a final relaxation pose. Some others important tips of yoga pose:

  • To decrease blood pressure and worried.
  • To develop concentration and memory.
  • To get more relax and calm your body.

Mountain pose (TADASANA)

mountain pose yoga

Mountain pose is a permanent hope in modern yoga as an exercise; It is not described in the medieval Hath Yoga. This is the basis of several other permanent seats. It is an active posture that helps improve posture, balance and calm focus. Some vital rules for the pose:

  • To achieve a joining between mind, body, and spirit.
  • To strengthen with thigh, ankle and knee.
  • To improve your balance by making your spine more agile.


worriar pose yoga

Warrior Pose is a group of lung standings related to modern yoga as a practice to commemorate the exploits of a mythical warrior. Holding a long-lasting warrior helps create stamina and balance. Holding a body in a lunge position acts as a great workout for the core and stabilizer muscles. Some other points of this pose:

  • To get solve upper and lower body tone.
  • To involve back-bend, side-bend, stretch, strength, balance.
  • Pant to enlarge your chest and lungs.

Pigeon pose (KAPOTASANA)

pigeon pose yoga

There are many health benefits of pigeon pose. Physically, it expands the hip flexors, opens the gluteus minimums and Maximus, and relaxes the muscles of the pisiforms and psoas. Internally, it stimulates the organs of the stomach and helps digestion. If you are sitting with one leg bent and the other leg straight behind you, you will get an idea of it. With your hands on the floor for balance, straighten your spine and widen your chest. Some other benefit of this pose:

  • To strengthen Psoas major muscle, Thorax, Abdomen, Inguinal region, Thigh, Ankle, Throat, Front of the body.
  • To increase your muscle that is more effective.

Crow pose (BAKASANA)

cow pose yoga

Crow pose balancing the seats with hand yoga and modern yoga as a practice. In all variants, these are the hands that are planted on the floor in a balance-colored posture, resting on the upper arms and legs lifting up. To stand up to the Crow Pose, squat down and keep your hands flat over your shoulder width by spreading your fingers wide.

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Now, place the hands and feet where the hips are, but raise the hips up to the sky, bend your knees and lift the heels off the floor so that the balls of the feet are below. Some hints of the pose:

  • To strengthen arm, abdominal and wrist.
  • The organs of the torso while pulling the upper back and the hips.

Child’s pose (BALASANA)

child pose yoga

It is often used as a resting place in one of the more difficult poses during yoga practice. This is a very cool pose that can put you in deep relaxation. The pose is called the Child’s Pose because you form a baby and your spine is curved naturally like a fetus. Some benefit of this pose:

  • To stretches the muscles of the low back.
  • To promote flexibility, stress relief and helps circulation to the muscles.

Easy pose (SUKHASANA)

easy pose yoga

Easy pose is the name for any comfortable, cross-legged, seated position and is one of the basic pose used in yoga practice and meditation. So, you are in any way jealous. Easy Pose Hatha Yoga is a common cross-legged seat that is sometimes used for both Buddhist and Hindu meditation. Some important term of this pose:

  • To strengthen human back.
  • To develop blood circulation in your hips, legs, spine, back and pelvis.
  • To aid digestive organs immensely.

That all types of pose are obviously helpful for anyone but you must use it with the consult of your doctor after beginning those exercises. Some other poses are difficult to you, if you face any type’s problem, you will avoid this pose. That will be better for you. To make those exercises, you must more careful about with the poses.

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