How you can Improve Your Body Image

Your body image is closely tied with your overall self-esteem. Almost all of them at a certain stage struggle with negative body image. If you often find yourself criticizing your physique, in this article, we will guide you through strategies that will help you in improving your body image.

Body image is all about how you see your own body and how attractive you feel you are. Body image concerns are often focused on skin, weight, hair, or your overall shape and size. If we look at history throughout history, humans have given utter importance to beauty. The society a person belongs to, media, culture, and social media plays a great role in shaping the views that how a person sees his body.

Nowadays we are constantly bombarded with beautiful images of celebrities and models on television, magazines, social platforms, and billboards, in short, you are surrounded by an unending supply of edited images. This filtered perfection in the photographs can leave you uncomfortable in your skin. It makes you doubt your looks, the way you dress, act in certain cases you start disliking your whole individuality. With the advancement in technology, it seems that self-esteem declined. We see ourselves & think we aren’t good enough! Why do you find it so hard to accept yourself?

We are firm preachers of nobody’s perfect! Women & men in the covers are groomed, and photoshopped in an idealistic way. Also, keep in mind the standards of “Ideal body” change over time. Comparing yourself with others is the root of all evils. Everyone is pretty in their way. A positive body image does not reflect that you must admire everybody. You don’t have to obsess with every angle of yours. Rather, accepting and embracing your appearance. Building a positive body requires work, especially when you have a negative and damaged one. Repairing it can take years. So let’s take the first step today. Here are a few strategies to get started with. Buy premium quality bodybuilding from here.

1)Identify & Challenge Negativity in your head

First and foremost this is developing awareness regarding negative thoughts you have about your appearance. The human mind is like an assistant who never takes a break. Thoughts that occur in it are often so automatic that you lack awareness. So, pay attention to them, have a check on your self-talk, what you say to yourself when you look in the mirror.

Next, step it, whenever you feel bad about yourself or a specific body part crosscheck your sentiments based on facts or opinion? Are they even realistic? What evidence suggests that those sentiments are true? Take a step back from these thoughts, & evaluate them objectively. It will be easier for you to identify your unrealistic thoughts.

2)Recognize Underlying sentiment for Criticism

If you find yourself constantly criticizing yourself, your appearance, your body shape and size try to identify the underlying motivations that provoke you to do it. Do you feel you should gain/lose weight or is controlling your appearance a way of regaining control in the rest of the areas of your life? Do you dislike the way your hair is or is it just criticism you’ve heard from someone else? Sorting out specific sets of thoughts & recognizing the triggers that drive them would help develop a positive body image.

3)Nobody’s Perfect, appreciate yourself

No one is truly flawless. Perfection is an idea, not a reality, it’s something you can strive for your whole life. Aiming for perfection will only let you down. Keep in your mind everything you see on social media and magazine covers is filtered and edited. You can practice a simple thing, note everything you like about yourself. Whenever you start having negative thoughts about yourself, look at the list and remind yourself about all of your positive attributes. As your self-esteem hikes up, you will start finding more parts that you love about yourself and then you love seeing your list getting extended.

4)Take Care of Yourself

Exercising regularly & veal eating should be an essential part of your life for living a healthy life.

Working out & setting goals will help you in feeling great mentally and physically. Maintain a healthy balance in every aspect of your life. A healthy lifestyle offers far more benefits than just improving your body shape. Welcome compliments that other people give them. Cherish them but do not make them the primary source of your confidence. Seek the confidence from within you. Having reassurance from others will make you look good, but the primary source of feeling good always comes from within.

5)Surround Yourself with Body-Positive People

Another positive step will be evaluating your current friendships. The circles in which you spend most of your time do they talk friendly? Are they positive about their body? or usually, they have a critical attitude towards themselves. People around you, what they say, what attitude they have creates an impact on you. Surround yourself with people who have a positive notion about themselves, who speak positively about themselves & their appearance. You can join a support group for this purpose.

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Ann Edwards is the fully qualified personal trainer from Elite sports.. She has been helping people in the field of bodybuilding and fitness from more than a decade. Her career in nutrition and physical therapy has made her a fine addition for our team.