Lose belly fat: 7 Super Easy Ways to Speed up Metabolism

Looking to lose belly fat? Check out these 7 super easy ways to speed up metabolism and blast fat! From adding more protein to your diet to drinking more water, these tips will help you lose weight and get healthy in no time!

It is one of the most difficult points on our body to reduce (and one of the most hated). However, there are easy methods that can help you reach your goal.

Abdominal fat is probably the part of us that we like the least. Not only that, it is also one of the most complicated to remove when starting a weight loss plan , and if we want to mark an envied ‘six pack’ we won’t even talk about it. As much as you kill yourself to do abdominals and have a salad for dinner, it doesn’t seem that you can imitate the Roman and Greek canons of beauty. This is because the belly is one of the main points of fat accumulation, both in men and women.

Also, sit-ups, as much as you might think so, aren’t always the best option. As it is natural that you want to lose belly fat and, in addition, it can cause health problems (increases the risk of blood pressure, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases or type II diabetes ), here are the best tips so that this summer you can show off the body you’ve always wanted.

Lose belly fat to Speed up Metabolism

Eat more Fiber to Lose Belly Fat

You’ve heard it a thousand times, but here’s one more: Foods high in refined carbs and sugar don’t actually relieve hunger, so you end up reaching for more. However, those that have fiber such as whole wheat bread, oatmeal, vegetables, fruits or legumes will always fill you up more, because they help slow down digestion.

As reported by ‘ Prevention ‘: A 2022 study published in the ‘ Annals of Internal Medicine ‘ showed that those who have difficulty following a strict diet lost weight effectively simply by increasing fiber intake. The recommendation for adolescents, youth and adults is 20 to 35 grams per day.

Fruits Juice

Walk every day

It is true that if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, because of work, sometimes it is difficult to find time to exercise. However, walking is free and a healthy, comfortable and easy option to lose weight. Think of all the good things about it: you will reduce the chances of a cardiovascular accident by 30%, and not only that, but also the possibility of suffering from depression, according to studies. In addition, you will strengthen your bones (four hours of walking per week can reduce your chances of hip fracture by up to 43%) and improve the health of your heart, preventing heart attacks and obesity.

One of the largest studies conducted on the relationship between walking and weight loss is the one published in 2008 in the ‘Journal of Physical Activity and Health’ , which concluded that women between the ages of 18 and 40 need to walk 12,000 steps daily (approximately 9.5 kilometers) to see effective changes in the scale . Meanwhile, men can afford a smaller distance, according to the study, of around 8.5 kilometers. So dust off your sneakers and get out of the house.

Limit stress and sleep well

It is nothing new, on many occasions stress makes us eat more, because it is a way to alleviate the anxiety we feel. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s much easier to eat food to feel better than trying to deal with problems. That is why it is important that you know how to recognize the situations that cause you stress in order to avoid them, and if it is impossible (for example, if they are related to work), the best thing you can do is fight them in other ways: exercising, meditating , acknowledging what you cannot change or sleeping well.

As for rest, which is also essential. Contrary to what you might believe, sleeping too much is not good for your health, but sleeping too little is even more detrimental. A 2021 UK study found that people who slept five hours or less ate an extra 285 calories the next day, compared to those who slept seven or more. In addition, those who had a short break opted for fatty and empty calorie foods. Stress and good sleep go hand in hand, so choose to relax and practice proper sleep hygiene.

sleeping well

Goodbye to alcohol

It’s hard, we know, but no one said it would be easy. Besides, to show off you have to suffer. You know the theory: to lose weight you simply have to consume fewer calories, but that can be difficult when hunger pangs start to kick in. What to do then? It’s best to get rid of empty calories, and that includes alcohol or, of course, sugary drinks. Sometimes the two get mixed up, which is a ticking time bomb.

Heavy drinking can overload the liver, because it prioritizes processing alcohol over other nutrients and then stores protein or carbohydrates as fat in the body. Alcohol has unnecessary calories, so if you can’t nip it in the bud and want to start cutting back, some research recommends about one drink a day for women and two for men. Although keep in mind that some are more fattening (and of course more harmful) than others.

Drink water with lemon

If you read this section regularly, you already know that metabolism is the process your body carries out to convert the food you eat into the energy you need . The faster it works (accelerated metabolism, as they say) the thinner we will be. A good idea in these cases is to drink water with lemon, which provides a large number of health benefits that directly impact belly fat.

It is a good idea, yes that you take it on an empty stomach, so the best time is when you wake up in the morning. It helps detoxify the liver so it works better, reduces appetite, removes fat deposits and, in other words, improves the aforementioned metabolism.

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Do weights

We were talking about metabolism, and weights also have a lot to do with this function. The more muscle you have , the more calories you will burn , because muscle is more metabolically active, although many people make the mistake of focusing only on cardio when it comes to losing weight . According to a study published in the Harvard School of Public Health, a 20-minute weightlifting routine can combat and reduce abdominal fat.

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Watch out for sugar

We are sorry. Sugar is a substance in which calories are highly concentrated and has practically no nutritional value. It will only cause you to accumulate extra kilos, but also the fat will tend to be stored faster in the belly.

In addition, sugar increases insulin levels, which is directly related to obesity. This can also lead to resistance to this hormone, which will lead to additional storage of abdominal fat.

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