5 Simple Ways to Eat More and Lose Weight at the Same Time

As a food editor (and a mom for that matter), I have always had issues with the “eat less, move more” to lose weight. Well, move more active pretty makes sense, but then the essence of eating less is yet to be clear to me. I’ve once tried to cut certain foods from my Diet and sure, the only thing I kept thinking about the day after was food, particularly the one I cut out.

If you’ve been through the same problem, you have an idea of how the urge for food can haunt, and if you’re on the verge of taking this path, I’d suggest you drop the plan at the theory part. If you don’t you’ll strain your butt off and possibly end up where you started. Below are 5 ways to eat more and lose weight at the same time.

Crowd Out

These are the magic words lady. Load your plate with as much healthy food as your stomach can hold so that you have no space left for junk food. This one is often easy said than done so must have a genuine liking for Healthy foods for it to work out.

Eat Enough Fiber

weight loss and fiber have been partners in crime since time immemorial. According to a study, eating fiber, which technically requires more chewing, offers your brain the time it needs to realize your belly is getting packed. Additionally, high-fiber foods are unprocessed and have low calories; calories is what you’ve been trying to fight off all this long, right?

Water-Rich Foods are a Go-To

I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand and one times and, yeah you guessed it right, I’m about to repeat it, kinda differently though: make your diet h20-filled. Foods such as yogurt, broccoli, cantaloupe, strawberries, zucchini, cucumber, and water melon fill up your stomach and keep you hydrated throughout the day. You’d barely mistake thirst for a case of the munchies when you’re hydrated. Moreover, they are all low-calorie: another all-important piece in your jigsaw.

Eat Heavy Breakfast

Morning meal helps curb the overproduction of the hunger hormone ghrelin, meaning, it reduces your chances of being hungry before and after lunch. It also boosts your metabolism and sends a green light to your system to start burning calories. Lastly, do you love eggs? Well, a study shows that including eggs in your morning diet can reduce the amount of calories you eat throughout the rest of the day. So don’t try fighting off calories by sacrificing your favorite meal in the morning; it doesn’t work like that!

Don’t Stop With Your Nighttime Snack

A rumor has been making rounds that the nighttime nibble you can’t do without is totally harmful to your weight loss progress. I won’t lie to you; the rumor is not all wrong, but then again, it’s not all right! The thing with nighttime snacking is how you do it. In fact, this is another tested-and-proven way of dropping pounds… but only if done the right way.

For one, having a cherry or two, or a glass of nonfat yogurt before retiring to bed can help you have a deeper sleep thanks to the snooze-inducing chemicals in them. Sleeping less translates to eating less the next day, and weighing less in the long run.

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