7 Things No One Tells You about Transforming Your Body

I was with a doctor friend of mine couple of weeks ago and we had a mind blowing conversation about women and happiness. He said from his experience in the medical profession that about 85 percent of women are displeased with the way they look. Seriously!

This is an enormous problem and it breaks my heart to pieces knowing that most women out there feel daunted about their appearance. I want to do whatever I can to change this mess to some degree which is the main purpose of this article.

If you are in the category of women that have this awful feeling about themselves, do not fret no more, keep in mind this seven steps I will be unveiling to you and you will thank me later on how your body has transformed to what you have been dreaming of. Below are 7 things no one will tell you about transforming your body

You must take bold actions.

Your body is structured with homeostasis in mind. So for you to overcome your body’s desire to stay put, you need to develop your brain to adapt to actions that are clear and unchangeable. Note that watching your diet alone won’t cut it if you aim at losing 15 pounds. You need to take some final and consistent actions every day before a change can be effected. If you are not fully in, then you are fully out.

About 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise are required for visible change. You need to learn how to be strategic and conscious with your workout and diet plan. Workouts account for only 20% of your transformation while 80% is what you put in your body. Also you must be fully committed in order to see tremendous changes in your body.

Change isn’t comfortable

This is a fact you need to bear in mind in order to cope with this whole transformation process. Transforming your body requires that you get comfortable with uncomfortable situations. You need to try as much as possible to effect a change even when you feel worked out in the process. With time you will get used to it.

To see the changes from any new action in your transformation, it takes at least 30 days. This is applicable to any workout or diet strategy , you need to be consistent in order to see good results. In fact, 30 days is just the begging for you to start seeing a change in your body. A full body transformation will take up to 90 days to truly change your body around.

Carbohydrate are neither good nor bad, they should be eaten moderately

You have to make sure to know how much carbs you need on a daily basis. It’s not about going to any extreme but to know how much many should you eat to achieve your goal. Make sure you get a reasonable amount of carbs before and after workout for maximum performances and results.

The slower you start, the faster the outcome

Slow and steady is the best word that describes this process. It is natural that the human ego is a powerful part of our personality, but do not get carried away believing that you are wonderful and super fit. Most people that begin with this “do it quick” mind-set end up getting frustrated.

Alcohol and sugar will seriously slow you down

Sugar and alcohol should be totally cut-off during this process if you really want your desired change. You may say “how is this possible”? The aftermath of the all process is worth more than sugar and alcohol.

These are the 7 things no one tells you about transforming your body. I hope they help your transformation process.