4 Incrediable yoga positions to reduce and manage stress

A simple annoyance is enough to literally strain the whole body. And for several months, bad news has unfortunately been part of our daily lives. The CCC club (Covid-19, confinement, curfew) is making life difficult for us. To successfully relax and refocus your mind, take a look at the best anti-stress yoga exercises offered by Sarah, certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher at OLY Be . On the program: postures to be performed as soon as your emotions invade you, several times a day if you feel the need. During the exercise, remember to hold the position for a few minutes (about 3).

The Child’s Posture : How do we do?

Sit on your knees on your mat with your feet parallel with the sit bones (one of the three bones that make up the pelvis) resting on your heels. Inhale and, on the exhale, tilt the bust forward and completely release the upper body on your thighs. Your arms are stretched out in front of you, hands extended and flat on the mat, palms down.

yoga child posture

Benefits of Child Posture: This pose, also called the balasana, releases tension in the back, shoulders and chest and gently relaxes the hips, thighs and ankles. It regulates the nervous and lymphatic system, helps relieve stress and anxiety, and encourages regular breathing.

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The stretched puppy posture: how do we do?

From the child’s position: Slide the extended arms forward while lifting the pelvis and moving forward until the thighs are vertical and the back arched. Rest the chin on the floor while keeping the arms stretched out on the floor in front of you by opening the chest, stretching the armpits towards the elbows and bringing the triceps together. Push your hips back, pelvis up, and stretch your spine.

yoga stretched puppy

Benefits of Puppy Posture: The lying puppy posture helps stretch the shoulders and improve the flexibility of the spine. It strengthens the arms and upper back, gives energy and invigorates the body. Finally, it calms the mind and helps relieve tension, especially chronic stress. The little pro tip? Place a pillow or blanket under the forehead to make the exercise more comfortable.

The half-bridge posture: how do we do?

Lie on your back with your arms on either side of your body. Bend your knees and put your feet parallel, hip-width apart. Then press the feet into the ground while keeping the thighs parallel and push the pelvis upwards. Interlace the fingers behind the back, press the arms into the ground, moving the shoulders away from the ears. If possible: tighten the shoulders and bring the upper chest up to the chin to open the core. Finally, tuck in your stomach and chin and lengthen your neck.

yoga bridge posture

of half bridge Posture: This pose stretches the spine, abs, hips, back, and chest. It also strengthens the Hthighs and buttocks. Best of all, this exercise promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety, fatigue, headaches and back pain. The expert ensures that it improves support and self-confidence.

The Camel Pose: how do we do?

Begin on your knees on your mat, with your legs parallel, hip-width apart, and thighs perpendicular to the floor. Slightly turn the thighs inward while pressing the shins and tops of the feet into the ground and relaxing the lower back (pubis forward and sacrum down). Place your hands on your glutes with fingers pointing downward and squeeze your elbows to lift the chest. The ears should be away from the shoulders. Tuck in your stomach without blocking your breathing. Continue to move the hips forward and open the chest, emphasizing the back flexion. The trick? Look higher and higher without breaking the neck and when you can, grab the heels with your hands. Go back up while continuing to breathe well.

yoga camel pose

Benefits of Camel Pose: The camel posture relaxes the throat and chest (areas that can be very tense in case of stress or fear). It tones and softens the neck, spine, hips and thigh muscles while strengthening the abdominal muscles. This posture allows you to work on apprehension, confidence and letting go. It is ideal when you feel the first symptoms of an anxiety attack. Warning, this exercise is not suitable for people recently operated on the stomach or suffering from exaggerated lordosis, hernia, arthritis or osteoarthritis of the stressed areas or sciatica.

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