6 Best Yoga Poses that improve Your Health and Mind

Yoga exercise is beneficial for your whole body. It has a spiritual power to calm your mind from regular stress. There are different kind of yoga poses which can bring you various benefits. Few of them are discussed below. Hope you will find them helpful.

How to do Bridge Yoga Poses and its Benefits

Lean into a floor and bend your knees straight. Exhale slowly and push your tailbone skyway. It will help to store energy into your spine. It will also open up your chest and improve the flexibility of your spine. If you are going through stress, anxiety, and insomnia than you can take some help from this pose.

How to do Downward Dog Facing Poses and its Benefits

It is a modern form of yoga. Touch the floor with your upper head part and stretched the hand forward. Take the hips as high as possible by putting the whole body weight in your palms and feet. It improves brain function and melts the stress from your body. The yoga pose prevents osteoporosis and menopause symptoms. It can also strengthen your arms and legs.

12-week Yoga Burn Challenge

Yoga program that helps women lose weight and get in shape in just 12 weeks? Yoga Burn is a program that uses yoga to help women achieve their fitness goals in a fun way. There is no need to join a gym with this program because it is designed to be done at home. I love the fact that this program is so easy to follow and I can do it with my busy schedule. I’m so glad I found yoga burn.

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How to do Child’s Poses and its Benefits

Sit on your legs and lean the head forward on the floor. Breadth as slow as you can. Let your arms to relax. There are different kinds of benefits of this yoga exercise. It can relieve pain from your neck, back, and hip. It is a vastly famous pose for its ability to calm your body. You can start and end your yoga exercise with Balasana.

How to do Decent Yoga Poses and its Benefits

Sit in simply by putting your leg crossed. During practicing this yoga exercise, you have to keep your back spine as straight as possible. It may look easy but can bring significant benefits to your health. Your walking posture will improve alongside with muscle strength. It will also relax your mind and body. If a woman is facing menstrual pain, then it can bring them great benefits.

How to do Warrior Poses and its Benefits

In this beautiful pose, you have to move one leg forward and the other on backward. Front one should be 90 degrees, and the back one should be stress enough to look like 15 degrees. Push your hand towards up as much as you can. Keep doing this pose by interchanging your legs. It will improve your focus on a thing and body posture too. It will also bring stability and balance into your whole body

How to do Triangle Yoga Poses and its Benefits

Like many other yoga exercises , it also brings different benefits for your body. You need to put your two legs apart from each other at least one meter. After that, go down and touch the right leg by being parallel to your body. Next, do the same thing and reach your left leg. Blood circulation rate can be improved by regular practice of this exercise. It can also enhance the flexibility of the spine and remove rigidity from the neck side.

There are many other poses of yoga which you can practice for your health betterment. It is not only for athletes or fitness freak. The best part of yoga is that it does not need any equipment. Anyone can try this form of exercise anywhere, anytime they time.

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

This Yoga Challenge is perfect internship for women ages 18-65. This challenge can be equally effective for those who have been involved in fitness and yoga all their life. Make the most of the booty so that you get the best results from every single workout.

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