Fast weight loss: the best diets according to the experts

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Ketogenic, Whole30, Mediterranean when it comes to diets, you are spoiled for choice. But which are the most effective? Experts have compiled, as every year, the list of the best diets in the magazine US News and World Report. Check out their ranking of the best diets to lose weight fast . When you want to slim down and lose a few pounds, you can turn to several techniques. Among the different methods, we find body challenges, essential oils or slimming sheaths and belts.

Another option: diets, but you still have to know which one to choose. Because yes, several diets promise easy, fast and lasting weight loss. However, not all diets are effective and some of them can even be dangerous for your health.

best diet for weight loss

How do you know which are the best diets?

To help us in our research, several experts, including nutritionists, psychologists and physicians specializing in obesity, sifted through and ranked the most popular diets, according to different criteria, such as difficulty, health or weight loss. This ranking of the best diets is published, as every year, in the American magazine US News and World Report. This year, experts analyzed 39 diets

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Fast weight loss: the top 5 best diets

In the first place of the podium, we find the “Health Management Resources Program”. This program consists of reducing the number of calories consumed through “meal replacements with added fruits and vegetables”. “Weight loss is three times greater and is maintained with meal replacements, compared to traditional diets, according to experts,” reads the magazine.

Although not a “good diet” in every way, the Atkins diet, created by cardiologist Robert Atkins, comes in second. This low-sugar diet has four phases “starting with very little carbohydrate and gradually eating more until you reach the desired weight,” the magazine said.

The WW (Weight Watchers) diet is the third best diet for rapid weight loss, but it is tied with the Atkins diet. This diet received top marks for overall weight loss and rapid weight loss and experts have claimed that this diet is effective.

Atkins diet

Then we find the diet “The Biggest Loser”. This is a diet that is based on the reality TV show “The Biggest Loser”. The latter involves methods, such as eating regular and balanced meals, controlling portions, keeping a food journal, and participating in physical activity for six weeks. According to the expert panel, although this diet received high marks for rapid weight loss, it is not “very special” compared to other diets.

The ketogenic or keto diet comes in fifth place and is tied with the “The Biggest Loser” diet. “Experts ranked this diet low in all categories except for short-term weight loss,” the magazine read.

I don’t want to gain weight: what light breakfast for me?

You don’t particularly want to lose weight but still want to stay in shape? This time, the dietitian-nutritionist recommends a protein breakfast .

“For a balanced breakfast but not specifically focused on “weight loss”, we will add a portion of carbohydrates to the detriment of a portion of protein, explains Raphael Grumman. We obtain a satiating and anti-snacking breakfast (thanks protein) but also greedy and anti-frustration (thanks to carbohydrates)”.

balance breakfast

The ideal breakfast to keep the figure according to Raphael Grumman consists of 2 slices of bread (whole or with cereals, about 50 grams) + 1 portion of protein (30 to 40 grams or 1 egg or 1 piece of cheese or 1 slice of ham) + 1 portion of fruit (150 grams) + 1 hot drink without sugar.

Some light breakfast ideas:

  • 2 slices of bread with cereals cut into “mouillettes” + 1 boiled egg + 2 clementine’s + 1 coffee
  • 2 toasts of whole meal bread + 1 cream cheese to spread + 1 pear in strips + 1 green tea
  • 2 cereal rolls + 1 roll of white ham + 1 peach compote without added sugar + 1 infusion
  • 2 slices of whole meal bread + 1 scrambled egg + 1 bunch of grapes + 1 cup of tea.
    “You can start your breakfast with a glass of lemon juice on an empty stomach for the detox effect” adds the specialist. Why not!

Slimming breakfast: 5 traps to avoid

  • To lose weight or (simply) to keep the figure, we will avoid too sweet foods for breakfast: ” I do not recommend white bread, white bread and brioche bread which are both too sweet (they promote fat storage) and too low in fiber (therefore low in satiety) “explains Raphael Grumman
  • What about the (traditional) toast of buttered bread? ”From a nutritional point of view, it is fascinating. But it does not” hold “in the long term, says the specialist. If you want to avoid snacking before lunch, better to go on a protein basis.”
  • Beware of “slimming false friends”! “A fruit juice (even squeezed by hand and without added sugar) remains much too sweet: in a glass, you will have the equivalent of the sugar of 3 oranges … without the fibers, therefore without the satiety. Really want fruit in the morning, opt for fresh fruit instead! “
  • Hyper-trends on Instagram, protein powders are not recommended by the dietitian-nutritionist: “they are difficult to dose, often expensive and do not provide the same benefits as” natural “proteins: I prefer to recommend a slice of ham, a piece of cheese, an egg, a yogurt. It’s healthier.”
  • One last tip? “Once a week, you can give yourself a ‘pleasure’ breakfast with bread, jam, honey , cereals. Being on a diet should not become synonymous with punishment.” Message received!

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