How Our Specialists Select Products

We are happy to share Healthcare content with links to vetted products and services. You can find quality health information online – resources that are free, trusted, authoritative and relevant. When researching healthcare products or services, it’s good to know where you’re going with all of your findings.

We’re producing high-quality, evidence-based health information in a way that is understandable and accessible so you can make the best decisions for yourself and the people you love.

We’re also committed to creating experiences that help you take action toward living your strongest, healthiest life. As part of the article creation process, our Health Experts will occasionally include links to relevant products they feel could be useful to our readers.

Our content writers must first receive approval and request consent from the Health Specialists prior to inserting links into any of our articles and always ensure more editorial integrity.

We lead with Reliability

We add products linked to resources we feel are truly valuable. If we think they are valuable to our readers. We like to check if a product is something we can wholeheartedly recommend, or just for a quick buck.

Like all of our content, product reviews and articles with shopping links are editorially independent of business initiatives.
We also enforce a robust advertising policy that ensures sponsors and business partners never influence our content.

Selection Product Process

Our editorial team comb over both quantitative and qualitative data to measure the performance of individual products included in our reviews.

We have a dedicated support staff that works with each client on an individual basis to address issues as they arise or provide solutions to problems we may have observed in the past.

After we publish our affiliate-related content, we go back and evaluate it. We only include affiliate links to retailers that we use ourselves and that are also aligned with the goals of our business. If any of these relationships ever conflict, you will always know about it. This means we can continue being honest, upfront and transparent with you without having to worry about a conflict of interest or damaged credibility down the line.

Another thing, we’re constantly doing research in this field and are interested in hearing about what you think about one of our recent studies because we know your opinion matters a lot.