Top 8 awesome yoga poses for better sleep and Relaxation

One might wonder how yoga is going to be good for sleep, well the answer is quite simple. The thing you know about yoga is that it focuses on deep breathing and it relaxes the body, calming it down. The combination of subtle body movements and breathing cycles that yoga helps to activate in the parasympathetic part of your nervous system, so answering the question of how to sleep better by relieving stress and inducing yoga postures .

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Now, the important thing here is what exactly will help ASANAS. There are many services that serve different purposes, which can be a problem knowing which one will help you sleep. But do not be discouraged because here is a list of the most effective additions to better sleep:

Virasana (also known as hero poses):

Just sit in a comfortable position with your hips resting on your heels, involving a slight stretching of your ankles and knees. Stretching your spine upside and taking deep breaths in this position will help clear your mind and slow down your heart rate.

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Bitilasana and marjaryasana (cow and cat pose):

Without getting up from the VIRASANA, you just need to roll in the forward position on the support of your knees and hands. For the BEATLESANA, you need to push your lemon and your head back down and lower your back. For MARGARITASANA, all you have to do is reverse, your tailbone and head tilt downward while your spine is arched upward like the letter C. Keep options in these positions for as long as you want.

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Begin by sinking your hips on your heels while your chest is in your thighs. Here, your toes will be at each other when you feel comfortable as you can separate the bread. Now, place your forehead on the floor and start walking like fingers with arms. If you want to do a facial massage as you feel, you can turn your face around as well.

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Viparita karni:

This position may shed light on the question of how yoga promotes better sleep. Lie on the floor with your hips touching the wall so you can stretch your legs vertically over the wall. This asana give a nice stretch to your hamstring. It relaxes the muscles in the lower part of your body, helping you to get better sleep.

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Ananda balasana:

Bring your knees close to your chest and hold your toes with your fingers. You should now push your heels toward the ceiling while your hips are on the floor. This seat is very good for relaxing your stomach as well as your spine.

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Supta baddha konasana:

From the last seat, release your legs and stretch them so that your knee is in contact with as far as possible. This seat is a gentle stretching exercise for your abdomen, pelvis and thighs.

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Extend your legs slightly apart while pointing your toes in the opposite direction. Relax your arm and body and try to free your mind, any thoughts. This asana is great for not just physical relaxation but also mental.

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