Can You Diet to Lose Weight – the word diet is synonymous with deprivation

Starvation, calorie restriction, meal replacement, foods-that-fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand, and struggle. Notice D I E T is a four-letter word. And after the torturous, punishing, yo-yo, roller coaster lengths we’ve ALL gone to, trying to whip our bodies into shape, we may want to shout a few expletives from the rooftops! Even though diet products and plans consistently fail to produce long-term, sustainable results, the multi-billion-dollar diet industry continues to churn out deprivation-based concepts the market gobbles up. The fact that we keep on spending hard earned money on these options is a reflection of the immense pain we are in. Something’s got to give.

Custom Keto Diet Meal Plan

The keto diet plan helps individuals reach their weight loss goals by following a low carb, high fat diet. This plan will help you shed excess fat, improve your health, and help you control your appetite. And you know the best part? You can enjoy delicious, satisfying meals that are easy to prepare!

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D I E T to Lose Weight and End up Heavier

It’s a painfully familiar scenario. You’ve got an event to go to – a wedding, a reunion and you’re determined to rock a three-sizes-smaller get-up. You empty the cupboards, you commit to 500 calories a day, and you keep your nose to the grindstone, guzzling down diet drinks and pseudo-foods to make you fake-full. It works! Maybe you’re grey and deflated at the event but who cares about skin-tone or your personality….you’re skinny! Can you D I E T to lose weight ? Of course you can. The problem is we all know the end of the above story. Normal life resumes and with it, you’re old eating habits. The torturous willpower and determination it took to get the weight off can’t possibly be sustained for the rest of your life. Slowly the weight inches back on. You’re back to where you started. Wait! You’re actually a few pounds heavier. At least you have the pictures form the event!

When you D I E T to lose weight, you fail. You may win for minute but in the grand scheme you lose.

Why Do We Continue to D I E T To Lose Weight?

We don’t know another way and we are desperate. The country is 70% overweight and 40% clinically obese. We are in pain and we just want to turn it around. The problem is we are conditioned to think the only option is D I E T to lose weight. We believe we must suffer to be thin. So we get back on the same old treadmill hoping the result will somehow be different this time. But magical thinking fails us every time. The facts tell the story. When we D I E T to lose weighted end up worse than when we started.

A Better Way: Lifestyle Change

The only long-term solution to achieving our weight loss goals is to change the foods we choose. When we eat primarily whole, unprocessed, unrefined foods our bodies effortlessly shrink, become healthy, fit and trim. The challenge is wanting those foods. But what if we could actually crave those foods?

The Sugar Secret

It is possible to want the foods that are good for us, that our bodies were designed to eat. The secret is breaking the sugar addiction that holds most of us hostage and robs us of the power to choose the foods we put in our mouths. Because Big Food has put sugar in virtually everything we consume, we inadvertently eat sugar all day. And sugar is addictive. No amount of it satisfies and when we come off a sugar “high” we are compelled to reach for more. We’ve all lost the battle to the chip bowl, the bread basket, the donut box, more than once. We don’t stop because we’re not satisfied and we’re not satisfied because we’re addicted. In a non-addicted state, our bodies would actually be able to taste sugar-rich foods, eat a small amount, and experience satiety, satisfaction.

Fighting The D I E T to Lose Weight mindset

Our culturally held belief that we must D I E T to lose weight has made us fear and mistrust being full. It seems impossible that we could feel satisfied, have energy, eat abundantly and still lose weight. But we can. It’s a matter of wanting and choosing the right foods. It may sound far-fetched that an apple could ever call to you like an ice-cream cone or a blueberry could be as appealing as a donut. But when the body is not addicted to sugar, real, whole foods look, smell and taste different. It’s got to be experienced to be believed.

You do not have to D I E T to lose weight . You can actually eat to lose weight. It’s about becoming free of sugar addiction to regain the power over the foods you choose. You can lose weight without deprivation or struggle. Your real body and your real weightage waiting for you!

P.S. Keto Breads Program

Keto Breads is a digital cookbook full of energetic healthy, delicious bread recipes that lose the unhealthiest of ingredients, leaving you with trustworthy flavors and healthy alternatives to your favorite treats. It also eliminates glutemorphins and casomorphins found in conventional bread and cheese, which trigger the same addictive brain receptors as heroin and morphine. Most people switch to a gluten-free diet to lose weight, but research shows that 81% of people who work in a national group gain more weight in two years.

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