Yoga Burn Foundation Mat- Specially Designed

This yoga mat is designed in such a way that women of all shapes and sizes can comfortably use this. So, you need not think a lot about your body shape and size while purchasing it. This foundation mat is suitable for all styles of yoga. It can be used on any surface. So, it is a very effective tool to practice the exercise at anywhere and anytime.

Very Slim: Thickness is a very important issue during the practice of yoga. This mat is not too thick nor too thin. Its thickness is only 4.45mm. It provides ample comforts for joints, ligaments, and tendons. It is easy to carry to any place.

Offers an Optimal Balance Surface: Keeping the balance during a yoga session is very important. A little imbalance may cause the accident. It offers an optimal balance surface for low, medium, and tight intensity yoga practices.

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Textured and Non-Slip Surface: This mat has a textured and a non-slip surface which resists the risks of accident due to slipping. It is specially engineered with Safe Grip Protection Technology on both sides of the mat. This technology gives a comforting grip and flexibility.

Benefits of Yoga Burn Foundation Mat

  • It is capable of providing sufficient space for the women of all shapes and sizes.
  • Its usability is versatile. On any surface, this foundation mat can be comfortably used.
  • It’s lightweight, long-lasting and durable than the available mats of the market.
  • Special Safe Grip Protection Technology helps users practice all styles of yoga. Even the most sweaty steps too.
  • It is sweat and water absorbent.
  • Easily cleanable.
  • Perfect foundation mat for beginner and intermediate yogis.
  • Transportation is very easy due to slim design, lightweight, and facility of taking it inside the available carrying case.
  • Reasonable price and 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.
  • Attractive sky blue color is very effective in soothing the mind during practicing yoga.
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