Half Dozen of Mediterranean Food and Mediterranean Recipes

Mediterranean Food floats a picture of a healthy component in front of your eye. Although it is originated in the Mediterranean region, it also includes some European dishes too. It is yummy and healthful at the same time. There are different types of tasty Mediterranean recipe waiting for you. I am going to discuss six of them with you. Let’s get to it.


Hazelnuts are also acknowledged as cobnuts. This Mediterranean food contains an abundant amount of L-arginine which is a beneficial amino acid for heart failure, chest pain, and high blood pressure remedy. From the ancient period, it has been used as a medication. If you are fronting any joint pain or skin problem, hazelnuts can help you in this term. It is suggested to take at least 20 hazelnuts in a day. Its unsaturated fat is right for your heart. Always keep them refrigerated.

Mediterranean Recipes: Roasted Hazelnut with Couscous Salad

Roast some hazelnut in a pan for five to seven minutes with some olive oil. Put some couscous, cumin, pepper, salt, and garlic in a bowl. Boil some fresh water and pour it into the bowl. Eventually, combine the roasted hazelnut with the mixture. You will need to summate some onion, tomatoes and some fresh Mediterranean veggies with the healthy meal. Mix all the ingredients properly and serve immediately.

Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo Beans are also known as Chickpea. This healthy legume is full of protein and fiber. A cup of garbanzo can fulfill your fifty percent need of daily fibers. It is immensely popular in Asia and the Mediterranean region. They used to enjoy this protein depository of Mediterranean food with their regular dishes. Prevention from diabetes, heart disease, and colon cancer is a proven character of garbanzo beans.

Mediterranean Recipes: Garbanzo Beans Salad

mediterranean recipes

You can call it a quick dish for busy people. You can quickly prepare this dish and eat in the run. You will need some red onion, tomatoes, cheese, olive oil, etc. The inclusion of Mediterranean green vegetables will increase the nutrition level of the salad. Mix the cheese and the ingredients with the olive oil. No cook needed what so ever. Serve the meal whenever you want.


Unique taste and flavor of this nutritious boss is a blessing for vegetarian, although it is considered as a berry just like a potato. This fleshy food’s skin contains potassium and vitamin B6 which can bring potential to fight with deadly Cancer. This Mediterranean food is recommended to not consume in high quantity because of the Solanine presence. They offer you different taste in different dishes. High fiber, potassium, and oxidants assist in taking action against heart disease.

Mediterranean Recipes: Roasted Brinjal with Tomatoes

Take some garlic and salt quantitatively and mix them properly. Cast some olive oil with the mixture. It is time to cut some brinjal or eggplant into slices. Make sure to have them in pair. Rub over garlic mixture on both sides of the brinjal. Grill it for seven to eight minutes in both parties. Proper cooking of the food will make it tastier. Put some tomatoes slice in one brinjal and cover it with another one. Cut it like a sandwich and enjoy the delicious bowl.

Broccoli Rabe

Broccoli Rabe is an excellent leafy vegetable which can be an excellent example of Mediterranean food. This bitter taste veg is an elite member of the nutritious foods group. It contains various minerals and vitamins. Some research also confirms its ability to fight with cancer cells. You can find the bitterness little unpleasant, but with the proper procedure, you can get rid of it too.

Mediterranean Recipes: Broccoli Rabe and Brown Onion Recipe

Mediterranean Recipes help you to obtain some weight loss. In this recipe, you need some broccoli, onion, garlic, chili flakes, and olive oil. First, spread some olive oil in a pan with some onion. Cook the onions until it becomes brown. Wash the vegetable with fresh water carefully. Add some salt into the boiling water and bake the broccoli.

It will help to extract the bitterness from the recipe. But if you like the bitterness, then you can skip this part. Just heat the mixture of garlic, chili flakes with olive oil. After sometimes, add the onion and broccoli with the mixture. Cook it for at least five minutes, and your dish is ready to serve.


Shrimp has the potential to increase your cholesterol level. Still, it has no harmful side-effect. This seafood is a mentionable protein source of Mediterranean recipe. People all around the world are farming this Mediterranean food for human use. The long muscular abdominal animal is helping you to decrease triglycerides and bad LDL cholesterol. Its selenium boosts the brain function, and on the other hand, niacin fights with cancer.

Mediterranean Recipes: Mediterranean Shrimp Dish

It is a quick snack dish. You can quickly prepare the Mediterranean recipe at your home. Cook and thawed the frozen shrimp. Now, it is time to make the no-cook salad for the seafood. Take some olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, garlic paste, onion paste, cheese and salt in a bowl. Mix them properly. Cast the cooked shrimp with the arranged salad. Refrigerate the ingredients for five to six hours and enjoy it in your snack time.


Tomato is a highly favorite healthy Mediterranean food. You can enjoy it daily like a fruit or vegetable. But don’t intake much. Otherwise, it can cause heartburn. It contains lycopene antioxidant which hands you to protect your heart. Its potassium controls the blood pressure and prevents cardiovascular disease. It is also a great source of vitamin A and C.

Mediterranean Recipes: Mediterranean Fresh Tomato Salad

Pick up some fresh tomato and slices them accordingly. Do the same thing with the onions. Cut some green herbs for the Mediterranean Recipe. Put all the three components in a pot. Pour some olive oil, vinegar, and salt. Mix them properly, and the salad is ready for you. Why are you waiting? Eat it.

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